Purchase with PayPal no need make confirmation

What should I do if my payment was completed on PayPal but I never received an order confirmation email?

There is a possibility that your order has failed; however, the authorization hold has not been voided from PayPal. If it has been more than 24 hours from the time you placed the order and haven’t received the order confirmation email, please reach out to us via Live Chat with the PayPal transaction ID and the email address associated with your PayPal account. One of our agents will use this information to further assist you.

Cara Konfirmasi: Pembayaran via Bank Transfer

Setelah transfer, wajib mengirim konfirmasi pembayaran via email ke [email protected] dan melampirkan bukti screenshot transfer. Adapun format konfirmasi adalah sebagai berikut :

  • Kolom subject email: Konfirmasi Pembayaran #ID_Pembelian
  • Kolom body/Isi email: Sudah Transfer – #ID_Pembelian – Nama Template – Jumlah Pembayaran – Rekening Tujuan – Nama Pengirim

Konfirmasi Pembayaran #3384

Sudah Transfer – #3384 – SimpleUP – Rp 180.600 – BCA – Mark Zackerberg

NOTE: Pembayaran dicek secara manual, dan akan diproses 1×24 Jam

contoh konfirmasi order di Themeindie
Contoh konfirmasi order di Themeindie