FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • I already have a live blog with existing content, can you install the theme for me there?

    For sure! We’ll proceed to set up your theme with the sample content to match the demo, but we won’t touch your existing content.

  • Can you upload my content for me?

    We are sadly unable to upload your content for you, as everyone’s needs are different.

  • Can you place an ad to my blog?

    Sadly, no. You will need to set up your ad placement to your blog by yourself.

  • How to pay theme(s) using PayPal?

    Choose your template you want to. Click ADD TO CART > PROCEED TO CHECKOUT > enter your billing information > Check your order again to ensure. Next, pick PayPal in payment method. Tick to Terms and conditions, after that click to PROCEED TO PAYPAL button.

    Login to your PayPal account, and then follow the payment instructions.

  • Cara bayar template via Bank Transfer?
    Payment method using Bank Transfer, available for IDR only

    Pilih template yang ingin dibeli. Lalu ikuti prosesnya sebagai berikut:

    • Klik ADD TO CART.
    • Lalu klik PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.
    • Setelah masuk ke halaman Checkout, silahkan isi semua form pada BILLING DETAILS.
    • Jika ingin mengirim informasi khusus, silahkan tambahkan pada form ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.
    • Pilih metode pembayaran Bank Transfer.
    • Baca dan centang kolom termas and conditions.
    • lalu klik tombol PLACE ORDER.
    • Setelah itu, Anda akan dibawa ke halaman selanjutnya. Silahkan ikuti petunjuk pada Cara Pembayaran dan Konfirmasi Pembayaran.
    • Setelah pembayaran dikonfirmasi, maka link download dari file template yang Anda beli, akan muncul di halmaan DOWNLOADS (Member Area).
  • Tidak muncul mata uang Rupiah (IDR) pada produk?

    Mata uang rupiah (IDR) yang tertera pada harga produk hanya akan muncul jika Anda mengakses website ini melalui IP Address Indonesia atau IP Address Internet Indonesia. Jadi, bila Anda sedang menggunakan VPN dengan destinasi IP luar negeri, atau membuka website ini dari luar negeri, maka kemungkinan besar mata uang yang akan muncul pada harga produk adalah USD.

    Solusinya, jika tidak muncul mata uang Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) pada produk, silahkan switch mata uang seperti pada gambar berikut ini:

    Switch currency
  • What must i do after make a payment via PayPal?

    If you using PayPal as payment method, you almost don’t need to do anything. Just waiting until you’re redirected to Payment Received or Member Area page, after you finished the payment process. If no redirected, access My Account > Download.

  • Already bought theme, but didn't have an account yet?

    For anyone who has already bought premium products at Themeindie.com but didn’t have an Account yet, please Register. Email address must be same that was used when the purchase transaction before.

  • If i got trouble with theme?

    During the Support period is still active, and you’re not make self-modified without going through Template Design or Layout, please send us messages about it. Go to Member Area > Support Ticket.

    Furthermore about theme support, read the Tersm and conditions.

  • How to send a testimonial?

    You have must be a verified owner. Which is, you must be a buyer of the template each. And then you can send us your testimonial in Send Testimonial page.