Terms and Conditions (Syarat dan Ketentuan) dalam bahasa Indonesia

Licence for Use

Standard License:

  • Only for personal use, can not be resold or given free to others.
  • Unlimited domain usage, as long as the blog is still their own.
  • Get premium support for 6 months since purchased.
  • Remove footer credits.
  • Lifetime get template updates.

Developer License:

  • For personal + client use (unlimited to install).
  • Unlimited domain usage.
  • Get premium support for 12 months since purchased.
  • Lifetime get template updates.
  • Can not be resold directly, only be sold as a bundle of products or services of their own (for example: blog creation services).
  • Support only for license buyer(s).

Latest Template Update

Get update the latest template version lifetime for free. Which is, you no need to pay again if there is an updated version of the template that has been purchased.


Themeindie.com provides quality support to customers. Providing free support is for 6 Months (Standard licence) or 12 Months (Developer license) since the date of purchase, if don’t understand about template installation or any errors.

Item free support does not include:

  • Request to customizations and installations (including premium template buyers).
  • Templates are not purchased from this blog (obtained illegally).
  • Templates are self-modified, without going through Template Design or Layout.
  • Already more than 6 or 12 Months since date of purchased.

Update in price

Themeindie.com has the right to modify or change the price of a subscription at any point of time without giving any prior notice.

Template for Blogger Platform only

Our template only works in Blogger, do not install it in any other CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.


We don’t give any kind of warranty that any 3rd party components used in the templates/themes would function in any way. There is no guarantee for its compatibility of 3rd party plugins and web browser. You should be the one to test its compatibility through the demo URL provided in the template. It’s your responsibility to re-check the templates that they are working on all browsers as we never say that it will work on all browsers.

Refund Policy

Since the products at Themeindie.com website are impalpable goods that means they are digitally delivered through cloud computation, all the sales are hence final. We have a non refundable policy, so if you find a bug or problem in the product we will be more than happy to fix that for you.